How to Check Your Student’s Academic Progress

We recommend that parents log in at least once a week to their parent Schoology account to stay informed about their student’s academic progress.

View directions for accessing your Schoology parent account and checking your student’s grades here!

Using your Schoology parent account, you can see the following for each of your students:

Through your parent account you can also message your student’s teachers directly to ask questions, make a plan for raising grades or catching up, share concerns, and schedule an appointment. If you have questions about your student’s grade, please contact your student’s teacher. 

Are my student’s grades in Schoology up-to-date?  My student tells me that he has turned-in something, but it still shows as missing.

Grades are updated by teachers each week by Wednesday morning for any work they turned in the previous week. There will be times, throughout the year, when grades will be delayed, such as when there is no school on Monday or when larger assignments require more time to grade. 

If you have questions or concerns about your Schoology account,please contact your student’s school Counselor:

Thank you for partnering with us in your student’s success!