Supplemental Courses

Denver Online offers NCAA-approved courses for 6-12th grade students that are interactive and taught by highly qualified DPS teachers. Classes are offered each semester and students are encouraged to stay on pace throughout the semester. Denver Online only accepts student enrollments that are approved by school counselors and DPS school administrators as the sending school will accept financial responsibility for the student’s enrollment.

Students should be assigned a mentor or supervisor at their home school who will assume responsibility for keeping track of student progress, arranging for appropriate interventions and staying in touch with the assigned Denver Online instructor. This person should plan for a monthly check-in with the student to ensure they are making progress.

The assigned school contact person and the student will receive confirmation email once the student is signed up and ready to go.

Students’ grades can be seen real time though Schoology and Infinite Campus. Grades and credit earned will populate students’ transcripts at the end of each Denver Online semester.
The cost is $300 per class per semester ($600 for full-year course) and requires advanced payment by the school. Families should not be charged for this enrollment option.

It is recommended that students have a reliable workspace at home or school and are provided computer and Internet access.

Denver Online is appropriate for original or accelerated credit-earning and typically is not the best option for credit recovery, since credit earning is not accelerated.

Denver Online does not accept supplemental enrollments from out-of-district students at this time. Out-of-District students seeking part-time or full-time enrollment should utilize the DPS School Choice Process.

To start the enrollment process, please email Denver Online Assistant Principal, Nadia Coleman,