King Soopers fundraiserWith the help of one of our great parents, Amanda Gurr, we are working with King Soopers to raise funding for our student programs!  When you use your Denver Online High School King Soopers Gift Card, 5% of everything you spend goes directly to Denver Online HS! Funds raised go directly toward providing educational opportunities in the form of scholarships and grants to students for community sponsored classes, workshops, and college fees, in addition to helping some of our students purchase computers and other school related supplies.

Step 1) Purchase a King Soopers Gift Card from Secretary Julie Capp at Smedley for $5. That $5 is already pre-loaded onto your card for you to spend!

Step 2) Once you have your Gift Card, pre-load the card at the register or the customer service desk at your King Soopers grocery store (BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT). You can load the card with whatever amount you want (up to $500) and reload it as needed.

Step 3) Then purchase groceries with your new King Soopers Gift Card. These reloadable cards can be used to purchase anything at King Soopers and its sister stores, including City Market.

Step 4) Make sure to keep a small balance on the card at all times or it will expire.