Teachers Who Create Community

Posted May 22, 2014

Published on May 22, 2014
In Denver Public Schools (DPS), families have a variety of schools in every region of the city that provides ‘A World of Opportunity.’ For some students, the best opportunity is one provided not at a particular school or building, but online — at Denver Online High School.

The internet-based, DPS high school provides students with a more independent approach to their learning. The flexibility provided by Denver Online allows students to pursue extra-curricular passions, internships or college credit while also taking their high school classes on their own time.

One of the larger challenges for any online model, however, is connecting students to their community while also fostering deeper relationships with classmates.

With that on her mind, Denver Online High School English Teacher Jessica Glynn felt compelled to help create opportunities for her online students to connect with one another outside of their virtual classrooms. One such program is ‘Art From Ashes,’ a poetry group inviting the community to share what’s on their mind in a safe, welcoming environment.

This video features a bit more about the Art From Ashes program and how it is helping Denver Online HS students feel more connected with their peers.