Grace Arawaka: DPS Asian Education Advisory Council’s 2022 High School Music Winner

Posted June 1, 2022

Grace Arawaka

Graduating Senior, Grace, was awarded the DPS Asian Education Advisory Council Scholarship! Grace is a very talented musician with a passion for music. Her original song, “InsincereMourning,” has over three thousand views on YouTube and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and iTunes. She is auditioning for the music programs at several Universities, including Middle Tennessee State University and Berklee College of Music. She also performed at Denver Online’s graduation where she absolutely rocked it! Along with music, Grace is very passionate about dance and has been very successful competing with her dance academy. Grace is an extremely talented and motivated artist who showcases what it takes to overcome barriers to make her dreams a reality. We are proud of her tenacity and passion in pursuing her aspirations!