Improve Grades Over Spring Break: March 25th-April 1st

Posted March 18, 2024

Dear Denver Online student and parent,

Denver Online students are more than half way through the first semester. Please review grades and progress in each course with your student. No grade is final until the end of the semester. This means that students should continue to improve their grades through Sunday, June 3. 

You can see a detailed breakdown of your students’ grades, the assignments they have submitted, and teacher comments through your parent Schoology account.  Here you can access directions for accessing your Parent Schoology Account.

Spring Break (March 25th- Monday, April 1st)  is a great opportunity for students who have fallen behind to raise their grades. Since no coursework is assigned during the week of Spring Break, students have a full week to dedicate to make up work. Please keep in mind that Denver Online teachers will be on vacation over Spring Break, so do not expect responses to emails and calls within 24 hours during the break. Please encourage your student to ask their teachers any questions they have ASAP, to make sure that they get the help they need before the break. If your student has a question over break, please don’t wait for a response before submitting assignments. Instead, just encourage him or her to do their best submitting the assignment and move on to other work. 

Parents/guardians are encouraged to reach out to their student’s teachers at any time.  Here you will find contact information for Denver Online staff.

If catching up feels overwhelming to your student, please reach out to your child’s Advisement Teacher or Counselor. We will help them prioritize assignments and classes so that catch up is as manageable and efficient as possible.

Thank you for supporting your Denver Online student!


Nadia Coleman, Ph.D.

Assistant Principal of Student Services

Phone: 720-634-6102

School Address: Rishel Campus, 451 S. Tejon St., Denver CO 80223