Beck Strommer: Competitive Figure Skater

When Denver Online High School student, Beck Strommer, skates onto the ice this season for his short program, he’ll be skating to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. “It personifies like being yourself, and being strong, and not being worried about whatContinue Reading

Ethan Swaidner: Competitive Track Cyclist

Just as the sun is setting in the mountains in Colorado Springs, Denver Online High School Junior Ethan Swaidner heads to practice. “We’re at the Colorado Springs Olympic training velodrome,” he said. “It’s a training facility for track cycling. TrackContinue Reading

Iain Riordon: Hockey Goalie

“The thing I want the most is to play in the NHL. That’s my dream. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. That’s what I always will want to do,” Denver Online High School sophomore, Iain Riordon, said. But heContinue Reading

Randall Mendez: Football Player

“It felt like I had a whole crowd yelling, well there was a whole crowd, but I felt like I was in the NFL,” said Denver Online High School student Randall Mendez, recapping one of his favorite plays of theContinue Reading

Luke Hansen: International Soccer Player

We all have wins we won’t forget. Showing off his team’s victorious cheer, Denver Online High School freshman, Luke Hansen, recapped his favorite win of the season. “I currently play for Colorado Rush, 16 Development Academy,” he said, practicing andContinue Reading

Addy Stearns: Competitive Skier and Soccer Player

Making sure that each boot is carefully buckled, she pushes herself into the start gate. Looking down the bleak mountainside, sprinkled only with tiny poles, she visualizes her course and how she will precisely maneuver each fleeting turn. Tapping herContinue Reading

Salaam Gonzales: Competitive Boxer

What were you doing at 5 am this morning…Happen to run a 10k? How about at 5 pm today…Plan on doing over 600 push-ups in an hour? (That’s one push-up every six seconds for sixty minutes for anyone honestly consideringContinue Reading

Shelby Bacon: Roller Derby Competitor

“Cutthroat” isn’t a term that most would describe blonde-haired, soft-spoken, kind-hearted high school sophomore Shelby Bacon as. But out on the roller derby track, there’s a fiery competitiveness that demands to be seen. Slamming the opposition off the track byContinue Reading

Peter Wing: International Soccer Player

For Peter Wing (17), his goal in life is to make goals the rest of his life. The Denver Online High School senior is following his dream of becoming a professional soccer player after getting scouted to train with clubContinue Reading