Student Profile: Chun Lee

How do you measure the size of a heart? It’s hard to. “My neurologist, he said, before the surgery, it was two tennis balls,” Denver Online High School Junior, Chun Lee, said. But a brain tumor? That’s a little easier.Continue Reading

Student Profile: McKayla Runels

We all have a story. “I just started drinking and smoking and screaming at my parents all the time, running away, sneaking out. I was just really mean to people,” said Denver Online High School junior McKayla Runels. And sometimesContinue Reading

Student Profile: Adam Madjour

“The whole thing was completely unexpected like one of the surprises you don’t plan on getting and you really wish you didn’t get,” Denver Online High School senior Adam Madjour said. A little more than a year ago, Madjour foundContinue Reading

Student Profile: Christopher Hice

“I play faster than I should. But yeah, faster songs are more fun.” 9th grader at Denver Online High School Christopher Hice said. But when asked to choose a favorite genre, he said, “I don’t pick favorites that much. Favorite questions,Continue Reading

Student Profile: Lori Grace

“This place gets people to where they need to be. Whether it’s through socializing or through music, and it’s made me more passionate about music,” said Lori Grace, Denver Online High School senior. For her, it’s all of the above.Continue Reading

Student Profile: Ryan Cole

Each cat that comes into Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue has a story. If cats have nine lives, some are likely somewhere past their seventh or eighth. Several are dropped off with FIV, similar to AIDS but for cats, while othersContinue Reading

Student Profile: Kaitlin Hooks

“My mom and I have a joke about the rulebook with me: you pick it up and throw it out the window,” Denver Online High School Senior, Kaitlin Hooks, said. “I’m a lawbreaker,” she laughed. And lawbreaker she is, herContinue Reading

Student Profile: Kaitlin Hooks

The Mayor’s Youth Award (MYA) recognizes youth ages 13-19 who have overcome difficult situations in their lives by making positive changes and exhibiting strength and determination in the face of adversity. The young people we recognize have had a positiveContinue Reading

Student Profile: Aleyha Murphy

The September flooding in Colorado overwhelmed many families and their homes. Aleyha Murphy, a senior at Denver Online High School, was one of those heavily impacted by the devastation the flooding brought. Thinking back to September when the nightmare began,Continue Reading

Student Profile: Liam Dargen

In movie-making, it’s all about the story. But sometimes the best story is the one that happens behind the camera. “I want to be a filmmaker,” 19-year-old Denver Online High School senior Liam Dargen said. There is something about gettingContinue Reading