Clay Griffin-Derr: Denver Online High School Student Mentorship Program Co-Developer

“When I came here I was actually at the point that I was pretty sure that this school was my last stop before dropping out of school before I turned sixteen,” Denver Online High School Senior, Clay Griffin-Derr, said. “IContinue Reading

Emily Kesselring: Children’s Hospital Colorado Gifts for Patients Maker

“I just want to be able to help little kids that don’t feel good because that’s what they did for me when I didn’t feel good is people helped me out,” Denver Online High School student, Emily Kesselring, said. KesselringContinue Reading

Max Allen: Balarat Outdoor Education Teacher

Outside of Boulder, up a single lane dirt road, and past a quiet pond, you’ll find this special place tucked away: Balarat. Balarat is Denver Public Schools’ outdoor education center that runs year round. “As a high schooler, you canContinue Reading

Garrett Williams: Entrepreneur

While most kids were playing tag in the summer sunshine, few were trying to turn a profit on fifty cent lemonade cups sold to their neighbors. But as the ice cream truck sung by, all kids wanted the few extraContinue Reading

Destinee Shabansky: Reading Partners Volunteer

It takes one person to make a difference. But the difference made can be one of two things: positively powerful or overwhelmingly detrimental. For Denver Online High School senior, Destinee Shabansky, she’s seen first-hand the influence of both. Shabansky wasContinue Reading

Dalayah Johnson and Mikayla Garth: Jehovah’s Witness Volunteers

Dying hair, painting nails, and brushing on makeup. While many partake in these cosmetic modifications, these beauty-enhancing measures are oftentimes associated with vanity, tied to an industry that thrives on surface-deep material: clothing, makeup, hair-extensions, fake lashes, and the like.Continue Reading

Joe Gurr: Passionate School Volunteer

Whether it’s flying down a ski slope at the Olympics, head banging on stage with your high school band, or maybe just settling for that $3.00 Rockstar from the local convenience store, everyone gets their energy from somewhere. The energyContinue Reading