GiGi Sigala

Dean of Culture

GiGi Sigala



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GiGi Sigala is Denver Online’s Dean of Culture for Middle & High School. She likes to utilize education to value inclusion, equity, diversity, and justice in serving our Denver Public School Community. A proud 4th generation northwest Denver, Coloradan native, GiGi developed a passion for volunteering in her community while in grade school at Edison Elementary. After writing an inspiring essay, she entered into a citywide essay competition and represented her elementary school at a luncheon with the Mayor. Her encounter with the Mayor planted a seed that inspired her to follow a path leading to a career in public service. As a student at George Washington High School, GiGi emerged as a leader of the student body. She recognized the need for community engagement and supported providing the resources students need to go to college and become successful in their chosen careers. GiGi volunteered as a peer mentor for College Path participants from the Northwest Denver community in high school, a pre-collegiate program at North High School for at-risk students. She enjoyed combining her passion for helping people and being active in her community, which led her to start her career with DPS as an educator, a Counselor for Denver Public Schools, and a Program Supervisor for the Department of Extended Learning and Community Schools. Since then, she has held the positions of Youth Corps Colorado Coordinator, helping youth with disabilities and/or at-risk gain opportunities otherwise not afforded to them, and as a Marketing Event and Meeting Director, where she enjoyed creating memorable experiences and engaging attendees. GiGi is very excited to continue her growth and career at DPS, where she started her career when she was just a teenager herself.