Veronica Martinez

Office Support Secretary

veronica martinez



Administrative Support

Veronica is a DPS alumni, graduating from West High School in 1984 and then going on to college on a volleyball scholarship. She has an AA degree in Criminology and a BA in Kinesiology. She started off working for DPS as a custodian helper/sweeper girl when she was in middle school and eventually made her way back to West High School as a math paraprofessional. She has coached volleyball at multiple schools, and within her career in DPS, she has worked at Lake Middle School, Del Pueblo, Academia Sandoval, Smedley, West, DCIS at Baker, GW, East, Montbello, Place Bridge Academy, Compassion Road, and at central admin in the Student, Equity & Opportunity/Operations department, and DoTs Hotline. Her roots run deep in Denver Public Schools, with her own parents, kids, and grandkids all being raised in the DPS school district. The Manny Martinez Middle School in DPS was even named after her father!