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Ryan Huitt: Certified Nurse Assistant

Overlooking a stunning view of the city sits the home of roughly one hundred residents and Denver Online High School junior, Ryan Huitt’s, first job at Arborview Nursing Home. Ryan provides general care for the residents, “toileting them, feeding them, making sure they’re clean,... Continue Reading

Iain Riordon: Hockey Goalie

“The thing I want the most is to play in the NHL. That’s my dream. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. That’s what I always will want to do,” Denver Online High School sophomore, Iain Riordon, said. But he isn’t just any type of hockey player,... Continue Reading

Student Profile: Chun Lee

How do you measure the size of a heart? It’s hard to. “My neurologist, he said, before the surgery, it was two tennis balls,” Denver Online High School Junior, Chun Lee, said. But a brain tumor? That’s a little easier. Plagued by olfactory hallucinations that made him detect smells that weren’t actually there,... Continue Reading

Clay Griffin-Derr: Denver Online High School Student Mentorship Program Co-Developer

“When I came here I was actually at the point that I was pretty sure that this school was my last stop before dropping out of school before I turned sixteen,” Denver Online High School Senior, Clay Griffin-Derr, said. “I was sure that I was not going to continue my education in any way.”... Continue Reading

Student Profile: McKayla Runels

We all have a story. “I just started drinking and smoking and screaming at my parents all the time, running away, sneaking out. I was just really mean to people,” said Denver Online High School junior McKayla Runels. And sometimes those stories have rough beginnings.... Continue Reading

Abbey McWhirter: Ballet Dancer

Sophomore Abbey McWhirter came to Denver Online last year due to her rigorous dance schedule at Colorado Ballet. Participating in the Pre-Professional training program there, she needed a schooling option that allowed her to complete school around her passion of dance.... Continue Reading

Student Profile: Adam Madjour

“The whole thing was completely unexpected like one of the surprises you don’t plan on getting and you really wish you didn’t get,” Denver Online High School senior Adam Madjour said. A little more than a year ago, Madjour found his mom after she had tragically passed away one night unexpectedly.... Continue Reading

Alex Jones: Eighteen-year-old Bachelor’s Degree Graduate

CBS4 Story Reporter: Jeff Todd, CBS4Published: May 23, 2018 Metro State University Article Reporter: Doug McPherson Photographer: Olga Sago Published: May 9,2018 18-year-old will graduate from MSU Denver, then from high school. When Alex Jones was about 3 years old, he was multiplying numbers.... Continue Reading

Teja Bevill: Graduating Senior

Due dates. What is the key to being ready when they come, to meeting them successfully?“When I first came to Denver Online, I had just got out of a traditional brick and mortar school. I was failing. I was two years behind,”... Continue Reading

Yudiel Ochoa: General Manager of Family Restaurant in Mexico

While many Colorado teens have jobs, few clock in for their shift in Mexico. “I manage a family business,” said Denver Online High School student Yudiel Ochoa. He currently serves as the General Manager of his family’s restaurant, called 4 Restaurant,... Continue Reading
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