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Grace Arawaka: DPS Asian Education Advisory Council’s 2022 High School Music Winner

Graduating Senior, Grace, was awarded the DPS Asian Education Advisory Council Scholarship! Grace is a very talented musician with a passion for music. Her original song, “InsincereMourning,” has over three thousand views on YouTube and is available on Spotify,... Continue Reading

Benjamin Wu: DPS Asian Education Advisory Council’s 2022 High School Academic Winner

Denver Online’s student, Ben Wu, was selected as the DPS Asian Education Advisory Council’s 2022 High School Academic Winner! He was awarded a scholarship in celebration of his hard work. Find out a little more about what makes Ben so special in his nomination write-up below!... Continue Reading

Marlene Bigsby: Polocrosse Player

Polocrosse is an exciting game on horseback that combines polo with lacrosse. Two six-person teams compete head-to-head to score points by using their rackets to carry and throw a small rubber ball between the opposing team’s two goal posts.... Continue Reading

Charlie Korman: Professional Actor

One, two, three, action! Denver Online High School senior, Charlie Korman, knows all about what it’s like to be in the limelight. Starting his professional acting career at the age of five, he has been living his passion ever since. “Being able to transform into different characters gives me so much freedom that I can’t find in normal life,”... Continue Reading

Destynee Martinez: Home Advisor Apprentice and Young Invincibles Intern

A place with foosball tables, ping pong, and a two story slide doesn’t exactly seem like work, but for Denver Online High School senior, Destynee Martinez, this is the location of her job at Home Advisor. She said, “If I was a homeowner,... Continue Reading

Darrick DoBynes: Arts Street Intern

Arts Street is a nonprofit organization that helps kids and families,” Denver Online High School junior, Darrick DoBynes, said. The nonprofit breathes art into local communities, and DoBynes is an intern there. “You might see me taking pictures around the neighborhood because we use the photos.... Continue Reading

Beck Strommer: Competitive Figure Skater

When Denver Online High School student, Beck Strommer, skates onto the ice this season for his short program, he’ll be skating to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. “It personifies like being yourself, and being strong, and not being worried about what others think of you,” Strommer said.... Continue Reading

Essence Minter: Pickens Technical College Cosmetology Student

Some like curls, others like braids, some like long hair, and others like short. But unlike these mannequins whose fates are decided for them, our students find power in getting to choose their own futures, selecting the best career pathway that works in their life.... Continue Reading

Student Profile: Lamise Witt

“I just like making stuff,” Denver Online High School senior Lamise Witt said. “Like a lot of 3D stuff because 2D stuff is like, well it’s there, but you can’t move it, touch it, interact with it as much. So sculpture and fashion design really called to me.” As she makes a new dress from her own pattern,... Continue Reading

Ethan Swaidner: Competitive Track Cyclist

Just as the sun is setting in the mountains in Colorado Springs, Denver Online High School Junior Ethan Swaidner heads to practice. “We’re at the Colorado Springs Olympic training velodrome,” he said. “It’s a training facility for track cycling. Track cycling is kind of a weird sport.... Continue Reading
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