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Emily Kesselring: Children’s Hospital Colorado Gifts for Patients Maker

“I just want to be able to help little kids that don’t feel good because that’s what they did for me when I didn’t feel good is people helped me out,” Denver Online High School student, Emily Kesselring, said. Kesselring knows all too well the power of one.... Continue Reading

Max Allen: Balarat Outdoor Education Teacher

Outside of Boulder, up a single lane dirt road, and past a quiet pond, you’ll find this special place tucked away: Balarat. Balarat is Denver Public Schools’ outdoor education center that runs year round. “As a high schooler, you can volunteer to go and work up here and help teach fifth graders all about like the cool place that is Colorado,”... Continue Reading

Randall Mendez: Football Player

“It felt like I had a whole crowd yelling, well there was a whole crowd, but I felt like I was in the NFL,” said Denver Online High School student Randall Mendez, recapping one of his favorite plays of the season.... Continue Reading

Luke Hansen: International Soccer Player

We all have wins we won’t forget. Showing off his team’s victorious cheer, Denver Online High School freshman, Luke Hansen, recapped his favorite win of the season. “I currently play for Colorado Rush, 16 Development Academy,” he said, practicing and competing roughly six days weekly and traveling out of state for games twice monthly.... Continue Reading

Student Profile: Christopher Hice

“I play faster than I should. But yeah, faster songs are more fun.” 9th grader at Denver Online High School Christopher Hice said. But when asked to choose a favorite genre, he said, “I don’t pick favorites that much. Favorite questions, I just draw a blank on.” He just can’t choose.... Continue Reading

Student Profile: Lori Grace

“This place gets people to where they need to be. Whether it’s through socializing or through music, and it’s made me more passionate about music,” said Lori Grace, Denver Online High School senior. For her, it’s all of the above. The grungy quaintness of the 7th Circle Music Venue became a special place where Grace volunteers now weekly.... Continue Reading

Adele Sutton: Ballet Dancer

“Probably when I first started, the thing I liked most about dancing was, not only getting to dance, but watching the older girls, because they were just everything to me. They had point shoes, and I was just so impressed,” Adele Sutton said.... Continue Reading

Addy Stearns: Competitive Skier and Soccer Player

Making sure that each boot is carefully buckled, she pushes herself into the start gate. Looking down the bleak mountainside, sprinkled only with tiny poles, she visualizes her course and how she will precisely maneuver each fleeting turn. Tapping her ski poles together,... Continue Reading

Salaam Gonzales: Competitive Boxer

What were you doing at 5 am this morning…Happen to run a 10k? How about at 5 pm today…Plan on doing over 600 push-ups in an hour? (That’s one push-up every six seconds for sixty minutes for anyone honestly considering it.) And how is that six-pack coming along…Think you’ll make time for a thousand crunches?... Continue Reading

Sophia Crawford: Model in Singapore

Runways. They’re for walking on, flying from, and advocating upon. Denver Online High School junior Sophia Crawford exploits runways in all its forms. The seventeen-year-old recently started a fast-and-furious modeling career. The teen went on a local modeling website in February 2015 where she submitted some of her Facebook photos.... Continue Reading
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