Charlie Korman: Professional Actor

One, two, three, action! Denver Online High School senior, Charlie Korman, knows all about what it’s like to be in the limelight. Starting his professional acting career at the age of five, he has been living his passion ever since.Continue Reading

Abbey McWhirter: Ballet Dancer

Sophomore Abbey McWhirter came to Denver Online last year due to her rigorous dance schedule at Colorado Ballet. Participating in the Pre-Professional training program there, she needed a schooling option that allowed her to complete school around her passion ofContinue Reading

Adele Sutton: Ballet Dancer

“Probably when I first started, the thing I liked most about dancing was, not only getting to dance, but watching the older girls, because they were just everything to me. They had point shoes, and I was just so impressed,”Continue Reading

Sophia Crawford: Model in Singapore

Runways. They’re for walking on, flying from, and advocating upon. Denver Online High School junior Sophia Crawford exploits runways in all its forms. The seventeen-year-old recently started a fast-and-furious modeling career. The teen went on a local modeling website inContinue Reading

Kyle McKoin: Russian Ballet Academy Student

When most of us think of dancing, we think of that head-banging solo drum piece we did in the car on the way to work, that fist pump or hip-shake we volunteered to the audience while forced into karaoking withContinue Reading

Walker Masuda: Musician

If the stereotypical rock star has long hair, loves AC/DC, and has an electric guitar glued to their hand, Walker Masuda fits the bill. But the stereotypical rock star likely isn’t also rocking out his high school homework in theContinue Reading

Annika Backes: International Model

Annika Backes is 16 years old from Denver, Colorado and is currently living in Paris, France modeling. She was scouted a year ago in the Cherry Creek Mall and has since been to South Korea, Japan, Miami, Florida and nowContinue Reading

Katie Grace-Shamburek: Russian Ballet Academy Student

Dancing ballet since she was three, the choice between finishing high school and an opportunity to study dance at an elite academy in St. Petersburg, Russia was a bit overwhelming for seventeen-year-old Katie Grace-Shamburek. After sending in a video auditionContinue Reading